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The science of non-toxic efficacy

Boukephalos is developing Longevity Cancer Therapeutics TM (LCTs) that cure cancer effectively and safely through multi-front re-activation of the innate and the adaptive branches of the immune system by using the best immune stimulants shaped by evolution.

Cancerous cells are routinely made in the body. We don’t develop cancer every day only because the innate and the adaptive branches of the immune system work together to successfully eliminate these cancerous cells through a process called immune surveillance. When our immune system is weak, cancerous cells continue to develop and become pre-cancer (saplings of cancer, micro-cancer) and then cancer. Cancer, in turn, puts the immune cells in the state of hypoactivity via immunosuppression so that the immune cells that recognize the tumor antigens stay dormant and are prevented from killing cancer cells.

LCTs awaken these dormant immune sentinels by using the best class of immune stimulants that the human immune system has evolved to respond to over hundreds of thousands of years.




Our immune cells do not attack one’s own healthy cells.

There’s no toxic chemical involved at all and there is no off-target toxicity.

Protect from recurrence.

Cancer consists of highly adaptive, mutating cells. Because of this, a subpopulation of cancer cells often finds a way to avoid being killed by cancer drugs being used by mutating away the proteins that are being targeted. This results in cancer recurrence. The more targeted it is, the more vulnerable the drug is to this problem. LCTs are devoid of this problem because they use multi-front cellular activation of immune cells rather than single-molecule targeting. The activated adaptive immune cells match and capture evolving cancer cells even as these malignant cells mutate. The adaptive immune cells even retain the “memory” of the past cancer cells, further preventing recurrence by always patrolling the body.



Disruptive: cure cancer before it fully occurs.

The more advanced a cancer is, the more complex and dangerous it is. Cancer progresses in steps. What if we can cure cancer much earlier than it is possible now? Detecting cancer at its earliest stage is already possible, but there’s no safe and effective cure for pre-cancer in the market. Boukephalos solves this problem as well. As LCTs are highly effective yet non-toxic, they can eliminate pre-cancer easily and painlessly. Curing cancer then may be as easy as recovering from a cold.

The same applies to the pre-cancers of stomach, liver, lung, intestine, breast, and prostate that can be diagnosed through a simple blood test looking for circulating cancer biomarkers.




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