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  • Why checkpoint inhibitors cannot solve cancer

    Checkpoint inhibitors have taken the cancer drug market by storm. In fact, the #1 best-selling drugs by global sales is Keytruda, followed by #3, Opdivo. They both target checkpoints in T-cells, the PD-1. But are they as exciting and promising as many believe today? For one thing, checkpoint inhibitors have demonstrated very low efficacy. TheyContinue… Read more

  • Will the cytotoxic T cells kill our cells that have taken up the mRNA vaccines?

    Here’s the first thing that came to my mind when I heard of the mRNA COV vaccine. mRNA encoding the information of the coronavirus spike protein gets into cells. Host cells that have taken up the mRNA make spike proteins in the cytoplasm. Peptidic parts of the spike protein get displayed on MHC1 on cellContinue… Read more

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