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Cure an evolving disease with an evolving medicine

Our mission is to turn cancer from a mere treatable disease into a fundamentally curable disease by using an evolving medicine within us.

Cancer is an evolving disease.

It is a disease that is unfixed and mutating inside patients.

In fighting a highly evolving disease, using static, unevolving drugs fails, as was demonstrated in the past 70 years, with cancer drugs being plagued with severe side effects, high cancer recurrence, and/or low efficacy. 

To cure a highly evolving disease, we must use an evolving medicine.

There is one powerful evolving anti-cancer medicine already within the human body: the immune system.

In cancer patients, the immune system is in an inactive state.

This is where extreme therapeutic intervention opportunities lie. 

We are developing novel immunotherapy  that strongly activates the immune system and awakens the body’s own evolving anti-cancer medicine.

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